Brazilians Reject Venezuelan Minister’s “Indoctrination” of Youth


EspañolOn Monday, the Brazilian Attorney General’s Office launched an investigation against Venezuelan Minister of Communes and Social Movements Elias Jaua. Brazilian authorities allege Jaua has for years recruited young Brazilian children and adolescents and “indoctrinated” them on the virtues of the “Bolivarian revolution.”

The Brazilian Attorney General's Office has accused Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elias Jaua of "indoctrinating" Brazilian youth.
The Brazilian Attorney General’s Office has accused Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elias Jaua of “indoctrinating” Brazilian youth. (Ministry of Communes and Social Movements)

Since 2011, Jaua has organized trips to Venezuela for Brazilian boys and teenagers to teach them “how to establish a ‘comuno-Bolivarian revolution,'” according to Ailton Benedito Souza, a prosecutor from the state of Goias, Brazil.

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Souza said these trips “may represent human-rights abuses” and demanded answers on behalf of President Dilma Rousseff.

According to a statement published in March 2011 on the official website for the Venezuelan Ministry of Communes and Social Movements led by Jaua, a Popular Communications Brigade was formed in the state of Sucre for a week with the participation of “boys, girls, and adolescents from the Brazilian community.”

“Popular Communications Brigades are groups of boys, girls, and adolescents who are taught, via different means, the achievements of youth in the revolution, as well as to train them as social communicators in the service of their country,” the statement explains.

The Attorney General’s Office has given the Brazilian Foreign Ministry 10 days to respond to the situation and address the question of the sort of activities the Brazilian minors were engaged in when in Venezuela, and if they were taken to be “indoctrinated.”

Jaua also ruffled Brazilian feathers in October, when he met with leaders of the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement, a socialist campesino organization, without first notifying the Brazilian government. Brazilian Foreign Minister Luiz Alberto Figueiredo said Jaua’s actions may be considered “an intervention in domestic affairs.”

Source: El Nuevo Herald.

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