Peru’s Shining Path Terrorists Indoctrinate Minors for Battle

EspañolThe Shining Path (Sendero Luminoso), a Marxist-terrorist organization, reached the height of their power in the 1970s and 1980s, but they still exist. On Sunday, an investigation by the Peruvian television program, Cuarto Poder, revealed recent footage of newly indoctrinated members of the group, minors in the VRAEM zone: the Apurímac River Valley, Ene, and Mantaro.

The video, recorded by Sendero Luminoso leaders, seeks to show viewers that contrary to popular belief, the Shining Path are not dead, and that their newest members are armed and ready.

Jorge Qusipe Palomino — or “Raúl,” his on-screen pseudonym — is the Shining Path’s second in command and is seen indoctrinating a group of boys, between the ages of three and 12. All are holding large firearms and are in training to confront Peruvian security forces. The children, known as pioneritos (little pioneers), sing an ideological hymn while holding their guns.

“At age one and a half or two, they are separated from their mothers and passed into the care of the captive masses,” explains Pedro Yaranga, a terrorism specialist. “At eight years old, they begin their strength and political-military training… At 13, they are already part of the main forces; they can carry out long journeys and participate in battle.”

In the photographs and videos, 27 senderistas appear, although the total number of members makes up 500-600 individuals.

“We are talking about unconventional warfare, and in unconventional warfare, we don’t need quantity but rather quality,” Yaranga notes.

The images depict US and Russian-made war arms with great potency, most stolen or “confiscated” from the Peruvian army, as the organization’s members explain. They include AKM rifles, grenade launchers, and Stinger portable air-ground missiles.

The video confirms the force and existence of the Shining Path for former Judge and President of the Criminal Court on Terrorism Marco Ibazeta.

“It’s good that they have come out to say they are still powerful, because we’ve been saying that for 10 years, and everyone just called us alarmists,” he said.

Source: Agencia Púlsar.

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