Cuba’s Papal Nuncio Denounces “Human Degradation” on the Island


Espa帽ol“Only freedom can give hope to the people,” said archbishop聽Bruno Musar贸, papal nuncio in Cuba, after聽a mass celebrated in San P铆o de Pietrelcina Park in the Italian town of聽Vignacastrisi.

“The Cuban people live in conditions of absolute poverty, human degradation, and civil rights violations聽鈥 victims of a socialist dictatorship that has subjugated them for 56 years. For these people, the only hope for a better life is to escape the island,”聽declared Monsignor Musar贸, according to a report from the local news outlet聽Lecce News 24.

“The Italians, who complain about so many things, need to know that in Cuba a doctor earns 鈧25 a month,” said the archbishop. “To live a life with dignity some professionals work as waiters. In Cuba everything is controlled by the state,聽even the milk and meat. Eating beef is a luxury, and if you kill a calf to eat it, you are arrested and brought to jail.”

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Musar贸 previously served as聽papal nuncio聽en聽Panama, Mauritius, Seychelles, and Guatemala. “Even half a century later, they talk of revolution; they praise it. Meanwhile, people do not have jobs, and they don’t know how to feed their own children.”

A doctor attends to Roberto Formigo, a UNPACU activist, after being assaulted by police.
A doctor attends to Roberto Formigo, a UNPACU activist, after being assaulted by police. (@patriotaliud)

Repression Continues

Musar贸’s聽statements coincide with the Cuban government’s latest offensive against human rights activists.

On Sunday, August 24, a police operation prevented the Patriotic Union of Cuba聽(UNPACU) from a holding a celebration of the third anniversary of the foundation. UNPACU is a civil organization that “advocates peaceful resistance, but stands in opposition of any repression of civil liberties on the island of Cuba,”聽according to their website.

“More than 130 activists were arbitrarily arrested throughout the day聽鈥 66 violently [arrested], 33 badly beaten, and a dozen stripped of their clothes聽and shoes, abandoned at night more than 20 kilometers from their homes,”聽the organization reported.

“The majority of arrests took place in聽Santiago de Cuba during the early hours of the morning,” said Jos茅 Daniel Ferrer Garc铆a, executive secretary for UNPACU. “Sixteen women聽and three men聽were intercepted by agents of the Interior Ministry, who announced no one could enter 5th Street in聽Reparto Vista Hermosa, Santiago de Cuba, where the main event of the third anniversary of our organization was going to take place.聽We expected more than 700 people to attend,” Ferrer concluded.

Police arrested Belkis Cantilo plus 20 other women who were going to the UNPACU third anniversary event. Police used tear gas on them.

More than 50 police officers attacked the activists, firing聽teargas into a bus where participants were located.

Sources: UNPACU,Mart铆 Noticias.聽

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