Biometric Fingerprint System Renews Anti-Maduro Protests in Venezuela

Protesters use garbage to create barricades in Caracas, Venezuela.
Protesters use garbage to create barricades in Caracas, Venezuela. (@hsiciliano)

EspañolMonday saw a number of tense moments in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, and San Cristóbal, capital of the state of Táchira, in the western region of the country. Protesters raised barricades in protest of shortages, high inflation, high levels of crime, and the new biometric fingerprint system that will regulate the purchase of basic products.

The protests began early Monday morning when a group of young people began to block one of the main roads in San Cristóbal.

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Both the National Guard and the National Police dispersed protesters using teargas and rubber bullets. The confrontation lasted late into the afternoon, resulting in at least one police officer injured, along with several civilians.

“Protests in Casco de Chacao. Tense Situation. Exercise Caution. We will continue to update,” Councilman Diego Scharifker posted on Twitter.

Meanwhile, in Caracas, a handful of protesters blocked a road in the municipalities of Baruta and Chacao. The National Guard has detained at least three protesters.

San Cristóbal is where protests against President of Venezuela Nicholás Maduro began last February, leading to confrontations with government forces that left 43 dead and thousands more in police custody.

These latest protests follow Maduro’s announcement of a number of policies aimed at combating smuggling, which the president contends is the primary cause of shortages in the country.

Source: Ăšltimas Noticias, El Mundo, La Tribuna.

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