Salvadoran National Police Conduct Mass Sweep, Capture 118 Suspects

EspañolIn the early morning on Wednesday, 118 people were captured during a police raid in five different departments of El Salvador. Among those captured are a catholic priest, 12 policemen of the National Civil Police (PNC), two employees of the Republic Prosecutor’s Office (FGR), three employees of the judicial system, several lawyers, 12 gang leaders, experts in communications, and many gang underlings.

They face numerous charges, including aggravated homicide, conspiracy and incitement, extortion, robbery, illegal gang activities, racketeering, and bribery. In addition, 79 people, already incarcerated, will be charged alongside them.

Captured drug-cartel members from the east of the country and members of 18 and MS13 gang

The raid was executed by the PNC along with the FGR and took place in the interior of El Salvador in the departments of Morazán, San Miguel, La Libertad, La Paz, and the capital, San Salvador.

The captured priest is Antonio Rodríguez López, also know as “Padre Toño.” The Catholic representative is accused of influence peddling and of introducing illicit objects into prisons.

The priest is famous for his support for El Salvador’s “gang truce.” That is despite the fact that in March 2012 he was an initial critic of dialogue between gangs. In his local parish church, he now dedicates his energies to the rehabilitation of gang members.

PNC Deputy Director Howard Coto shared details of the raid via his Twitter account.

The big operation alongside the FGR was successful. More than 100 people detanied for severe crimes

In the east we have captured gang members, attorneys, judicial officials, lawyers, communicators police men and priests

The arrests in the east are for murdering, extortion, illegal groups, robbery, theft, bribery and other crimes

At this our the operations in the east of the country add to 118 captures

Sources: El Mundo, El Diario de Hoy, La Prensa Gráfica.

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