Brazilians Riot after Devastating World Cup Defeat


EspañolAfter Brazil’s 1-7 World Cup defeat against Germany’s national soccer team, rioters took to the streets throughout the country, including Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, and Curitiba. Police in Rio de Janeiro shot and killed a man as they tried to stop a crowd from setting fire to several buses.

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In San Paolo, rioters set at least 20 buses on fire and police arrested several soccer fans for fighting. The situation forced police to send in reinforcements throughout the night to avoid further unrest.

Most of the violent activity reportedly took place in Minas Gerais, where the World Cup match was held. Fights also broke out in Savassi, a popular area known for its nightlife. According to France Presse, four people were hurt and 12 were arrested.

In San Matheus, at the outskirts of San Paolo, distraught fans ransacked and burned an appliance shop, while burning garbage containers and furniture blocked a northern-quarter street. Similar scenes took place in the eastern part of the city.

In Rio de Janeiro, several fights broke out between fans near Copacabana beach after watching the game in the large screens provided to the public. The Brazilian daily Folha reported six arrests. After Germany’s fifth goal against Brazil, hundreds of fans ran toward the streets, causing panic among those watching the match.

In Curitiba, fans pelted buses with stones, while the mayor tried to downplay the situation by stating these were isolated acts. “We cannot allow criminal behavior because of a soccer match defeat,” he added.

Sources: El Universal, BBC Mundo , El País, RT Actualidad, El Espectador.

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