Uruguay Will Take In 120 Syrian Refugees by February 2015

Español On Tuesday, Uruguayan Human Rights Secretary Javier Miranda declared that beginning in September his country will receive groups of Syrian refugees who have fled the country’s civil war. The first 40 Syrians will arrive within two months, and a second group will arrive in February 2015. Uruguay has agreed to take in the refugees on the condition that 60 percent of them be children.

Refugees of Syria's Civil War
Refugees of Syria’s Civil War. (Wikipedia)

Steps toward establishing this program have been in the works since last April, in response to the worsening Syrian conflict.

“Our goal is to integrate them into Uruguayan society,” Miranda announced during a press conference. “We aim to give the refugees the opportunity to become part of Uruguay’s society, to work here, educate themselves, and live in our neighborhoods and cities like any other Uruguayan would,” he added.

From the moment they arrive in Uruguay, refugees will enjoy the same rights as native citizens of the country. The ministry of Employment and Social Security will lead workshops during the first stages of their arrival to help them gain the job skills that will allow them to become part of Uruguay’s labor force.

ACNUR, the UN Refugee Agency, will be in charge of choosing which families will go to Uruguay.

Sources: Reuters, Infobae, El País Uruguay.

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