Policypedia Aims to Put US Public Policy at Voters’ Fingertips

Policypedia logo. (Policypedia)
Policypedia logo. (Policypedia)

Policypedia launched on Tuesday and is the third citizen-driven web platform delivered by the Lucy Burns Institute (LBI). According to Leslie Graves, president of LBI, Policypedia will serve as a powerful source for individuals interested in knowing about the most pressing public policy debates in the United States.

“So much of the policy information that exists online is academic in nature, or comes from a partisan viewpoint,” Graves said. “Policypedia will cut through the clutter and provide facts and context on key policy issues. It will be a roadmap for voters.”

Policypedia states that their coverage is neutral, non-partisan, and comprehensive, written in language understandable to the non-specialist. At first, Policypedia will cover five areas of public policy, including energy, education, public pensions, state budgets, and electoral reform.

The website’s goal is to help readers discover and learn useful information in a concise manner that is accessible to the average voter, so they can participate in public policy discussions and vote for candidates and initiatives aligned with their values and interests.

LBI is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization based in Madison, Wisconsin. Founded in 2006, LBI is also sponsors Ballotpedia and Judgepedia, online encyclopedias that cover local, state, and federal elections and the judiciary.

It’s mission is to empower people to engage in democracy by delivering exceptionally high-quality information that is easy to access.

Source: Lucy Burns Institute.

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