World Cup Boosts Drug Trafficking between Colombia and Brazil

EspañolOn Sunday, spokespeople for Colombia’s armed forces alerted authorities of an increase in drug trafficking from Colombia to Brazil during the past few weeks, coinciding with the World Cup.

Coastguards patrolling the Amazon found 46.4 kilos of illicit substances in the hull of a boat sailing in the area of Chinería, near Brazil’s neighboring city, Tabatinga. According to W Radio, the drugs were valued at over US$100,000 and traffickers were looking to bring them into Brazil.

“We used to find small drug amounts of three to five kilos, but now we’re finding 46 to 50 kilos, like in the last two seizures,” said the commander of Colombia’s Southern Naval Force, Carlos Flórez. He also noted that drug trafficking increased sharply leading up to the World Cup kickoff.

Approximiately 600,000 foreign tourists are currently in Brazil for the World Cup, and the influx of visitors in the 12 host cities has become an attractive market for drug dealers.

Source: Infobae.

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