Cuba’s Regime Afraid of Monthly Tea, Arrests Dissident Ladies in White


EspañolOn Wednesday, Cuba‘s police arrested 20 members of the dissident Ladies in White in Havana, as they prepared to attend the Monthly Tea at their headquarters. Among those arrested was Berta Soler, leader of the pro-democracy group.

Economist and political activist Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello confirmed this information from her home in Havana, alarmed by the wave of government repression that the country has been experiencing of late. “Berta is not answering her phone, we know nothing about her,” said Roque Cabello.

On the whereabouts of human-rights activist Jorge Luis Garcia (Antúnez), Roque Cabello said he has been under arrest for 72 hours, allegedly in a political-police detention center in Santa Clara. His wife, Iris Tamara Aguilera, would try to visit him today, if the police agents guarding her front door would allow her out.

According to Roque Cabello, Iris Tamara believes government officials haven’t let her see her husband because they have brutally beaten him and are waiting for the bruises to fade.

Source: Cubanet.

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