Peru: 800 Victims of Maoist Guerrilla Found in 30 Year-old Mass Grave


EspañolAfter receiving information from concerned citizens, the government of Peru discovered a mass grave on Wednesday in Junín, Satipo province. The pit contained the remains of 800 people that had been assassinated by the radical Maoist group Shining Path.

The bodies were that of members of indigenous tribes murdered between 1984 and 1990 for refusing to join the terrorist group or for having illnesses.

The Saigón pit has since become the largest mass grave found in the country. Carlos Angulo Mera, member of the Peruvian Congress Human Rights and Justice Commission, said this location was never mentioned by the Commission of Truth and Reconciliation in charge of uncovering human rights abuses in Peru.

The official also said that they have started the process of compensating the victims’ relatives, who are waiting for the Public Ministry to give the order to exhume the bodies from the mass grave.

Approximately 40 indigenous communities disappeared as a consequence of the armed conflict between the terrorist group Shining Path and the Peruvian government during the 1980s.

Source: DW.

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