Venezuela: Government Issues Arrest Warrants in Alleged Conspiracy to Assassinate Maduro

EspañolVenezuela’s Solicitor General Luisa Ortega Díaz said during a televised interview on Wednesday that the government has issued arrest warrants against Diego Arria, former Venezuelan ambassador to the United Nations, Pedro Burelli, former director of state company Petróleos de Venezuela, and attorney Ricardo Koesling, all accused of plotting to assassinate President Nicolás Maduro and other public officials. Prosecutors also issued a request to Interpol, since the three suspects are currently abroad.

The murder conspiracy charges are based on 3 e-mails allegedly sent by former deputy María Corina Machado, one of which mentions “taking out Maduro.” Based on these e-mails, the authenticity of which Machado disputes, the Mayor of Caracas Jorge Rodriguez accused the opposition leader of belonging to a large conspiracy to assassinate Hugo Chávez’s successor in order to cause chaos in Venezuela..

After insisting that the government fabricated the evidence and that “their media circus has gotten out of hand,” Burelli told CNN that he has requested Google verify the authenticity of the messages.

Diego Arria and Pedro Burelli have stated they believe Nicolás Maduro’s government is a dictatorship, and that the judicial branch is a farce under Maduro’s control.

Source: El Universal, Diario Las Américas.

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