Venezuela: Chavistas Seek to Oust Elected Mayor of San Cristóbal, Again


EspañolPresident of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro announced Tuesday that a group of citizens, whom he did not identify, filed a writ petition against the recently elected mayor of San Cristóbal, Patricia de Ceballos.

During his television show In Touch with Maduro, the president pointed to violent events that took place in San Cristóbal as the cause by saying, “Violent groups that burn public property have reappeared.”

Regarding the writ petition, Maduro said: “This lawsuit was filed because it appears that she [Patricia de Ceballos] was encouraging violent groups. They tried to take Governor Vielma Mora’s house three times last week.”

Patricia’s husband and former mayor of San Cristóbal, Daniel Ceballos, was sentenced to a 12-month prison sentence on March 25 after the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court found him in contempt for disobeying a verdict that ordered him to crack down on protesters in his city. The mayor disregarded the order because he did not have the necessary anti-riot gear required by law to disperse the protests.

On March 19, the Supreme Court also sentenced another opposition party mayor, Enzo Scarano, to 10 months in prison for the same reason.

Source: El Nacional.

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