Cuba: Entrance Exam Fraud Shakes University of Havana

EspañolOn Monday, government authorities in Cuba announced eight people have been arrested as a result of an investigation into a massive entrance exam fraud at the University of Havana.

A joint report from the Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Internal Affairs, alleges that the eight individuals, among them five prep course teachers and a public employee, stole and sold Math, Spanish, and History tests that students were scheduled to take in late May.

The solicitor general is still waiting on evidence against the accused officials to present a case in court. Although no formal charges have been brought, the people involved could be charged with “disclosure of educational tests,” which, according to the current Penal Code, carries a punishment of three months to one year in prison.

Last year, there were unofficial reports of examination fraud in the province of Granma, on the east side of the island.

Source: Diario de las Américas.

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