Chavista Legislator Wants Government to Control Social Media in Venezuela

EspañolOn Sunday, the president of the National Assembly’s Media Commission, Julio Chávez, proposed drafting a bill regulating Article 60 of the Venezuelan Constitution that will seek to limit the use of information technology to “guarantee the honor and privacy of families and individual citizens.”

The protests that have swept the country since February 4, beginning in Táchira state, were organized primarily through social media and print, due to a lack of independent television stations.

According to Abelardo Díaz, a deputy from Táchira and opposition leader, the government aims at establishing these sorts of regulations to counter the protests. He told the Venezuelan daily El Universal that the real purpose of the bill is nothing more than “to limit and restrict the use of social media in the country, and to punish people for criticizing the government and its officials.”

The Vice Ministry for Social Media was created in January 2014 as part of Venezuela’s Ministry of Communications and Information.

Source: Infobae.

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