Venezuela: Nearly Half of Local Airline Fleet Out of Service


EspañolOn Monday, the president of the Venezuelan Airlines Association (ALAV), Humberto Figuera, said that local airlines are increasingly unable to afford to pay maintenance, leasing, and are severely affected by the shortage of spare parts for their airplanes.

The local Venezuelan airline situation is even more critical than the international airlines operating in the country. Of the local fleet, 45 percent remain grounded due to the shortage of spare parts and lack of foreign currency to pay for maintenance services.

Figuera has asked that the National Foreign Trade Centre (CENCOEX) take Venezuelan airlines into account for spare parts auctions. “We hope this will give the Venezuelan airlines the help they need to import new equipment, buy aircraft parts, and pay their leases,” he said during an interview on Globovision.

Source: América Economía.

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