Florida: Libertarian Party Congressional Candidate Becomes Serious Contender, Polling 31 Percent

Recent polls show Libertarian Party candidate, Lucas Overby, to be a serious contender in the congressional race in Florida’s 13th district.

Democratic Party candidate Ed Jany dropped out of the CD-13 race, leaving only Overby and the Republican incumbent, David Jolly, in the public eye. Currently, polls favor the Republican at 47 percent, but Overby is not far behind at 31 percent.

Accounting for the lack of a Democratic presence in the race, Overby has tried to make himself relevant among disaffected Democrats, and that strategy is what has led to 43 percent of Democrats now supporting the third-party alternative.

Third-party candidates are not usually seen as serious competitors and have a hard time gaining legitimacy. However, due to the absence of a traditional second-party challenger, it has been easier for Overby to get attention. “I have never, ever found an area where a Republican candidate actually represented all of my ideals,” expressed Overby.

Source: Benswann.com

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