Colombia: Government Signs Historic Agreement with FARC Recognizing Victim Rights

EspañolOn Saturday, the government of Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrilla signed a historic agreement that recognizes collateral victims resulting from the decades-old conflict between the two parties. Humberto de la Calle, head of the Colombian government’s delegation, said the agreement centers on the issue of how to address the harm suffered by victims and consider reparations.

“We must recognize all those affected by this conflict, not only as victims, but also, and mainly, in their capacity as citizens with rights,” reads the document’s introduction. The agreement makes it clear that impunity for perpetrators will not be tolerated and that the rights of victims are “not negotiable.” De la Calle said that the negotiation seeks “to settle the best way such rights should be exercised when the conflict ends.”

The FARC also announced a second three-week ceasefire due to the presidential runoff scheduled for June 15. In a letter signed by the rebel group’s chief commander, Timoleón Jimenez (AKA “Timoshenko”), and addressed to opposition candidate Oscar Iván Zuluaga, they commit to a truce with the government of Colombia beginning on June 9 until June 30.

Source: El Periódico, Reuters.

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