Venezuela: Opposition Leader Leopoldo López to Await Trial in Prison

EspañolOn early Thursday morning, Caracas judge Adriana López ruled that Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López, and students Marco Coello and Christian Holdack, will remain in prison until their trial.

The judge delivered her decision at the end of a preliminary hearing that had been postponed three times this week and finally took place on Thursday in Caracas, Leopoldo López’s lawyer, Bernardo Pulido, said on Twitter.

Prosecutors accuse Leopoldo López of being the mastermind behind arson, public incitement, conspiracy, and damage to public property during a student march held on February 12 in which three people were killed.

Pulido alleges that López is being held as a political prisoner and has been targeted for his ideas. He claims the only connection to the riots is an earlier call to protest against President Maduro’s administration.

Source: BBC World.

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