Ecuador Pushes Budget Cuts for OAS Free Speech Commission

EspañolEcuadorian President, Rafael Correa, presented a draft resolution during the 44th Organization of American States (OAS) General Assembly in Asunción, Paraguay, to reform the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (ICHR). The resolution seeks to move the commission’s headquarters and changing its funding arrangements.

The document includes proposals that Ecuador has pushed for years in an effort to prevent ICHR’s Special Rapporteur for Free Speech from having its own budget. Correa’s government has complained that the Special Rapporteur has more funds than others, but the ICHR fears it is being targeted because it has been critical of the lawsuits put forth by Correa in Ecuador against media outlets and journalists.

Correa’s resolution proposes that the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights be financed exclusively by OAS member states, and in the interim, it proposes the creation of a single fund for receiving contributions.

According to sources in the OAS, the rules that Ecuador would like to implement, preventing the organization from collecting its own funds, make it impossible for the Special Rapporteur for Free Speech to function independently.

Source: La Republica.

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