Canadian Court Seizes Family’s CAN$100,000 Firearms Collection

On Tuesday, the Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) said the Ontario Court of Appeal ordered Bruce and Donna Montague to forfeit ownership of their entire firearms inventory, an asset valued at CAN$100,000.

Bruce Montague had filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Canadian gun laws, purposely letting his own permits expire. He lost and was sentenced to 18 months in jail and 90 days community imprisonment.

However, that wasn’t enough for the Canadian government. The federal government has been given the green light to take all his valuable firearms and sell them for cash.

Marni Soupcoff, executive director of Canadian Constitution Foundation, which represents the Montagues, decried the decision. “Seizing Bruce’s life savings is an unfair and disproportionate punishment for Bruce’s victimless crime. Forfeiture laws are supposed to be about preventing criminals from profiting from their wrongdoing. Bruce has not profited a cent from his offense. But if it has its way, the government will.”

Source: Canadian Constitution Foundation.

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