Burglars Rob Office of Digital Newspaper in El Salvador

EspañolUnknown thieves broke into the offices of Salvadoran, online newspaper El Blog early Wednesday morning. The robbers took laptops, desktops, digital cameras, and various storage drives. However, they left many other valuable goods, such as plasma televisions, cash, and printers untouched.

Douglas Moreno, a journalist for El Blog, told the PanAm Post that this does not appear to be a common burglary, since no objects without company information were taken.

Moreno said the outlet was not carrying out any journalistic investigations for which they could be targeted, but they don’t rule out that the incident could be related to their work, given the computers’ hard drives contained sensitive information.

The police swept the offices for fingerprints and clues. The news came as a surprise in El Salvador, where media outlets do not often suffer these sort of attacks.

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