Uruguay: Tabaré Vázquez Wins Primary, Poised to Regain Presidency

EspañolThe former president of Uruguay, Tabaré Vázquez, won the Broad Front’s primary on Sunday and became the party’s sole presidential candidate for the October elections. If successful, he could lead the social-democrat coalition to the presidency for a third consecutive term.

The official preliminary results of the primary elections held on Sunday showed that the predecessor of the current president, José Mujica, easily defeated his only opponent, Senator Constanza Moreira.

Early Monday morning, the Electoral Court reported that Vázquez received 82 percent of Broad Front’s votes, while Moreira got just 17.7 percent.

Vázquez, a physician, became Uruguay’s first progressive president in 2005, and according to recent polls, stands a good chance of succeeding Mujica in 2015.

Source: Reuters.

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