Bolivia Receives Financing to Proceed towards Brazil-Peru Rail Corridor


EspañolThe Inter-American Development Bank (BID) announced yesterday a loan to the Bolivian government, to carry out a feasibility study for the construction of a Central Rail Corridor, connecting Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru.

The credit amounts to US$6.8 million, for Spanish, French, and Bolivian companies to determine the possibility of a connection between the East and West Bolivian railway networks, and a Railway Technical Unit. The program coincides with the objectives of the BID to promote the competitive integration at a regional and global level.

The studies will include analysis of economic, social, environmental, and strategic concerns. This is the first time that a rail corridor project under the authority of one nation has the support of the BID. In order to build the Aconcagua Bi-Oceanic Corridor between Chile and Argentina, for example, studies were performed independently by the private sector.

Source: LaInformació

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