Venezuela: Newspapers Demand Diosdado Cabello Respond to Print Crisis


EspañolA total of 84 newspapers in the inner cities of Venezuela have demanded an “urgent meeting” with the president of the National Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, to ask for help in solving the newsprint shortage.

“Ordinary instances of executive authority have been exhausted,” say the group of the newspapers as they ask for Cabello’s assistance in their “agonizing eagerness to solve the overwhelming problems regarding the shortage of paper, printing plates, and other essential items.”

The lack of newsprint “threatens” the members of the Chamber of Venezuelan Newspapers, who have been “located and operating inside the country for years … covering the entire nation, reaching the most hidden town,” with a daily circulation of more than 2.5 million, according to their statement.

According to the chamber, these 84 newspapers staff a “greater number of employees than all other newspapers in Caracas,” and their daily news coverage is said to provide “the dissemination of information, contributing in a determined fashion to the formation of national public opinion.”

Source: RPP Peru.

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