Ecuador: Correa Dismisses Presidential Term Limits as “Bourgeois Theory”

EspañolOn Saturday, President of Ecuador Rafael Correa questioned whether a change in power is necessary for democracy, stating he considers the principle “pure bourgeois theory.” Correa said his possible reelection bid for a fourth term in 2017 will remain a last resort strategy, depending on the political circumstances and the opposition’s support.

Correa, in his usual Saturday report, defended his decision to support a constitutional amendment to allow limitless reelections for all officials.

“Hopefully, I won’t have to run for President in 2017, since we have a lot of leaders [in Alianza País, the incumbent party], and the reform will attempt to destroy the conservative restoration. But if I have to [run for reelection], I’ll be there to live up to the historic demand.”

“The alternation [in power] is decided by the people at the polls,” replied Correa, noting that in local elections last February, in which the ruling party suffered serious setbacks in certain jurisdictions, 70 percent of all mayors seeking another term lost the election.

Source: La República.

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