Colombia: Majority in Bogotá Skeptical of Peace Talks with FARC

EspañolA survey by La Sabana University in Bogotá, Colombia, concluded that 67 percent of citizens in the city do not see success in the peace negotiations between the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrilla. Surveyors personally interviewed 728 adults in Bogotá, in 19 of the city’s 20 neighborhoods.

The research, conducted by the university’s Media Observatory, also concludes that at least in Bogotá the electorate will not vote in the presidential runoff thinking mainly of the peace talks.

The study shows that 77 percent of respondents still agree with the process, and roughly half of them are very interested in closely following the developments. Moreover, 32 percent of those surveyed expressed being “neither pessimistic nor optimistic” regarding the outcome of the dialogue.

Particularly important, 37 percent of the capital rejects forgiving FARC members. “This is bad news to a possible policy of national reconciliation and even against the developments of the Land Restitution Act,” said Juan David Cárdenas, coordinator of the Media Observatory and head of the study.

Source: El Espectador.

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