Colombia: Conservative Party Support Divided in Presidential Runoff


EspañolThe Conservative Party of Colombia (CP) has divided its support for the runoff’s two remaining presidential candidates. Although the former CP candidate, Martha Lucía Ramírez, decided to back opposition leader Oscar Iván Zuluaga, 47 out of 58 lawmakers in her party instead favor the reelection of President Juan Manuel Santos.

“We greatly appreciate this support; one that is bound to be decisive. We’re going for the win on June 15,” said Santos following a meeting with CP legislators.

Ramírez came in third in the first round of elections held on Sunday, with 15.52 percent of the vote. While the nearly 2 million votes she received could potentially turn her into a decisive ally in the final round, the CP internal division may offset her sway in the election.

Meanwhile, the Green Alliance party decided not to support either candidate and trusts their supporters to make their own best judgment.

Source: Reuters.

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