Interpol Issues Red Alert for Ousted Ecuadorian President Jamil Mahuad

EspañolThe Interior Minister of Ecuador, José Serrano, said on Tuesday that the International Police (Interpol) issued an international red alert for Jamil Mahuad, former Ecuadorian president ousted in January 2000.

Mahuad is wanted in Ecuador over allegations of embezzlement during his time in office in the 1990s. He is also accused of provoking the country’s 1999 banking crisis.

The red alert means that Interpol is authorized to locate and arrest Mahuad anywhere in the world. BBC News correspondents in Ecuador noted that in January 2013, Interpol officers refused to detain Jamil Mahuad, alleging the motives behind the alert were then political.

At a press conference in Quito, Minister Serrano stated, “We know that Mahuad is located in the United States at the moment.” After his overthrow and exile, the former president has worked as a lecturer at Harvard University.

Source: BBC News.

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