Colombia: Zuluaga Vows to Halt Peace Talks with FARC as President

EspañolÓscar Iván Zuluaga, presidential candidate for the Democratic Center (CD), said during a press conference on Monday that, if elected president in the June 15 runoff, he would suspend talks with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) until the guerrilla stops attacking the Colombian population.

Zuluaga, who received the most votes (3,759,971) in the first round of presidential elections on Sunday, said he does not reject the peace talks completely. However, he assured the Colombian people that he could not continue the negotiation process started by his opponent, current President Juan Manuel Santos, while the FARC continues to commit murders across the country.

In addition, the CD candidate proposed that members of the Marxist rebel group benefit from reduced prison sentences, but made assurances that FARC members who have committed heinous crimes or human-rights violations would be punished to the full extent of the law.

Zuluaga said he is willing to compromise with other groups and is confident that absenteeism during the June runoff will be much lower than the first round, where it reached almost 60 percent of voters.

Source: Semana.

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