Venezuela: Landslide Victory for Deposed Mayors’ Wives in Special Elections

EspañolThe wives of the deposed and imprisoned mayors of San Cristóbal and San Diego, Daniel Ceballos and Enzo Scarano, won Sunday’s municipal elections by a landslide.

Patricia Gutiérrez de Ceballos, Democratic Unity Roundtable’s (MUD) opposition candidate, was elected mayor of San Cristobal in Táchira state with 73.6 percent of the vote, according to results published in the National Electoral Council’s (CNE) website. Alejandro Mendez, running for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), secured only 25.54 percent of the electorate.

In San Diego, Carabobo, MUD’s Rosa de Scarano easily won her race for mayor with 87.74 percent, while her opponent Alexis Abreu, backed by the PSUV and the Great Patriotic Pole, received only 11.77 percent of votes.

In both cities, the percentages received by opposition candidates exceeded those gained by their former mayors in December 2013.

Source: El Universal.

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