Cuba: Independent Digital Outlet 14ymedio Unblocked

EspañolAs of Saturday, May 24, Cubans were once again able to visit 14ymedio, the island’s first independent digital outlet created by Yoani Sánchez.

Sánchez launched the website on Wednesday, but readers who tried to access it from Cuba were redirected to Yoani$, a site devoted to insulting the award-winning blogger and responding to her accusations against Cuban authorities.

Granma, the newspaper run by the ruling Communist Party, published an article on Saturday in which it accused the United States of supporting rebellious projects like 14ymedio. “The US government provides … full support to counterrevolutionary blogger Yoani Sánchez’s project of creating a digital news site, which is completely funded with money from abroad and whose fundamental purpose is to spread misinformation and lies about Cuba,” said Granma.

A government spokesman said on Thursday that he was unaware that 14ymedio was blocked, and refused to contact representatives of the state telecommunications company Etecsa for comment.

Source: Reuters.

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