Venezuela to File Complaint Against United States before UN

EspañolForeign Minister Elías Jaua announced Sunday on state television that Venezuela will file a formal complaint at the United Nations against the United States for its alleged violation of the UN Charter. The government accuses top US officials and organizations of meddling in Venezuela’s political crisis, supporting local elites in a plan to oust President Nicolás Maduro, elected last year after Hugo Chávez’s death.

Jaua said his government also will lodge complaints against the United States at regional groups, including the Organization of American States (OEA), Latin American and Caribbean grouping CELAC and South American bloc UNASUR.

Venezuela’s top diplomat said Venezuela would not tolerate the interference “in addition to constantly threatening to impose sanctions… Enough already; it is not for the United States to take on authorities that belong to international organizations.”

In recent weeks, the US Congress has been raising support to apply “smart sanctions” on Venezuelan authorities over reported human-rights violations and police abuse.

Source: NTN24.

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