Colombia: FARC Pledges to Break Ties with Drug Cartels

EspañolThe Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrilla pledged on Friday in Havana, Cuba, to break their links with cartels and contribute to the eradication of drug trafficking in Colombia. They will do so when and if a peace agreement is reached.

The Marxist militia signed the “Agreement on illicit drugs,” the third compromise both parties have reached since November 2012, when peace talks with President Santos’s administration began. This time the FARC pledged to “contribute effectively with the utmost determination, in different ways, and through practice, to a final solution to the problem of illicit drugs, and in the end stage of the conflict, to put and end to any relationship forged during the rebellion.”

The government, for its part, agreed to “intensify and decisively fight corruption in public institutions” and lead an effective national campaign to reduce social tension “in different areas of public life.” The parties also committed to developing programs focused on replacing illicit crops and preventing drug abuse.

​​Iván Márquez, the FARC’s second in command, said in a statement read to reporters that some “unfinished business” has been left out of the agreement, such as new criminal prosecution policy and the suspension of aerial chemical spraying.

Source: La Vanguardia.

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