Bundy Ranch Conflict Far from Over as FBI Targets Armed Supporters

FBI agents have started a formal investigation into the events surrounding a showdown on April 12 at rancher Clive Bundy’s cattle farm in Nevada.

According to 8 News Now, Sheriff’s officials say they’ve already been interviewed by the FBI. The federal agency is looking into alleged “death threats, intimidation, and possible weapons violations,” by the armed crowd that rallied to support Bundy in a land grazing dispute against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM.)

Assistant Sheriff Lombardo stated that “Yes, there is definitely going to be consequences, definitely. That is unacceptable behavior. If we let it go, it would continue into the future,” referring to anyone that pointed a gun at BLM officials or Metropolitan Police officers.

Bundy supporters have denied pointing weapons at authorities and say that BLM rangers were the ones pointing guns.

Source: Ben Swann.

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