US Senator Lists 23 Venezuelan Officials Targeted for Sanctions

Español Last Friday, Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio revealed a list of 23 individuals who he argues should be sanctioned by the US government over human rights violations in Venezuela.

“We are calling on identifying human rights violators in Venezuela, naming them by name, and sanctioning them for what they’ve done. And I just don’t understand how we can sit here and say that the time isn’t right to do that. I don’t understand how we can say we should wait for some point in the future, when the timing might be right to do that,” Rubio said before the Foreign Relations Committee.

Among those named by Rubio are Attorney General Luisa Ortega Díaz and the Minister of Interior, Justice, and Peace, Miguel Rodríguez Torres. The committee also names governors, the police chief, the head of the Bolivarian Intelligence Service (SEBIN), and regional commanding officers of the Bolivarian National Guard, the armed forces division most frequently associated with torture allegations.

“Now that the main opposition group in Venezuela made ​​it clear that they were not opposed to sanctions, but rather supports individual sanctions as contemplated in our legislation, we have the local support to make Maduro’s regime pay for the consequences of their actions,” said Rubio.

Source: Latin American Herald Tribune.

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