Brazil: Activists to March Against World Cup Anti-Protest Bills

EspañolThe People’s Cup Committee, an alliance of anti-World Cup groups in Brazil, announced on Thursday that a national day of protests will take place in mid-June in all 12 cities where the soccer tournament is scheduled. The group seeks to put a stop to legislation intended to limit demonstrations during the event, for which the Brazilian government has been under intense international criticism and scrutiny.

“On that day, we will demand that our freedom of speech be respected before, during, and after the World Cup,” say the organizers in a statement published on its website. They believe that the right to protest in Brazil “is being threatened by a series of anti-demonstration bills and increasing police repression.”

According to the committee, legislation currently in Congress, if passed, would make it easier to target “all social movements as terrorists, in a clear attempt to silence dissent through the criminalization of popular struggles.”

The group plans to march in all 12 Brazilian World Cup host cities, including Rio de Janeiro and San Pablo, as well as other cities abroad that will join in solidarity.

Source: El Universal.

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