FCC Head to Consider Regulating Broadband Internet as “Public Utility”

EspañolFCC Chairman Tom Wheeler will reportedly introduce modifications to the agency’s proposed rules for regulating broadband internet on Monday. The language of the new draft aims to ensure net neutrality among Internet service providers, effectively banning companies from segregating web traffic into fast and slow lanes.

The changes in the proposal come after a coalition of tech giants sent an open letter to the agency, which advocated that a stop be put to the “paid prioritization” deals big providers like Comcast and AT&T plan to offer some content companies for better traffic. The FCC plants to scrutinize these arrangements to make sure that broadband providers do not unfairly disadvantage the content of nonpaying companies.

Chairman Wheeler also plans to invite comments on whether broadband should be considered a “public utility” by the FCC, subjecting it to greater regulation. In the past, providers have fiercely opposed such measures, arguing it would cause innovation and investment in the industry to plummet.

Source: Wall Street Journal.

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