Venezuela: National Assembly President’s Visa Revoked by United States

EspañolThe President of Venezuela’s National Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, said on Wednesday that his visa to enter the United States was suspended after a former Venezuelan Air Force soldier accused him of funding terrorist activities.

According to Cabello, an unnamed defector filed a complaint to US authorities alleging he took the senior politician to India, where he “gave Osama bin Laden a million dollars.” Cabello added, “This is the madness of these people, that they would accept these claims over there.”

The National Assembly President also disparaged the United States over its refusal to accept Venezuela’s new ambassador, Maximilian Arveláez, appointed by President Nicolás Maduro. He described it as a rejection of the Venezuelan government’s attempts to improve relations with the North American country.

According to BBC World editor Alfredo Ochoa, revoking Cabello’s visa would be the first diplomatic measure of this sort that the United States imposes against a high-ranking Venezuelan government official.

Source: BBC Mundo.

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