Brazil: Federal Police Threaten to Strike, Bring Down Soccer World Cup


Español Agents of the Brazilian Federal Police (PF) in different states throughout the country went on a full-day strike this Wednesday, demanding wage increases and better career development opportunities. Just 37 days away from the start of the FIFA World Cup, they threatened to abandon their posts during the sports competition if the government does not meet their conditions.

“Wages have decreased. Of the country’s 13,000 federal agents, 250 leave the PF every year for other better-paying public jobs,” said the president of Rio de Janeiro police union, André Vaz de Mello.

In Rio de Janeiro, where 1,300 PF agents work, about 60 police officers protested peacefully right next to the building where Brazil’s national soccer team manager, Luiz Felipe Scolari, named the official players for Brazil’s squad during a press conference.

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In Brasilia, the strikers surrounded the Federal Police’s headquarters and blocked the entrance of other agents. Protests also took place in other cities: Terezinha, Fortaleza, Maceió, Aracaju and Natal (Northeast Brazil), Belem do Pará (Amazon region), and Porto Alegre (South Brazil).

Source: CNN México.

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