Venezuela: President Maduro’s Bodyguard Shot Dead on Highway

EspañolOn Sunday, Lieutenant Marco Antonio Cortéz, an officer in the security detail for President Nicolás Maduro, was shot dead while driving on a highway in Caracas, Venezuela.

An unidentified vehicle approached the victim’s car and shot three times at the 29-year-old bodyguard. Cortéz’s wife and sister were also in the car, but were unharmed and then taken to the military hospital inside Fort Tiuna, Caracas’s military stronghold. Cortéz was already dead on arrival.

The deceased officer had been working as a presidential escort for six years.

His murder comes less than a week after the discovery of Eliezer Otaiza’s body with gunshot wounds. He was president of Caracas’s Municipal Council and a known leader of the governing United Socialist Party (PSUV).

The Public Ministry has already assigned a prosecutor responsible for the killing’s thorough investigation.

Source: El Universal, La Nación.

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