Uruguayan President Calls US Pot Legalization Efforts “Hypocrisy”

EspañolOn Friday, former Marxist guerrilla leader and current Uruguayan President José Mujica called medical marijuana laws in many US states hypocritical. He also compared his country’s future legal pot market to Colorado’s, believing it to be superior and noting that Colorado doesn’t track the drug once it’s sold.

Mujica’s statements came in an Associated Press interview at his home, just hours before his country’s long-awaited regulations were released. The head of state said US medical marijuana laws enable people to fake illnesses to get prescription weed, and that the shady medical forms constitute blatant “hypocrisy.”

Uruguay, on the other hand, will license and regulate the entire business, enforcing marijuana-possession rules as well as limits on production and sales. The central government will then punish possession of “illegal” weed to make sure that licensed users do not resort to black-market trafficking.

We don’t go along with the idea that marijuana is benign, poetic, and surrounded by virtues. No addiction is good. We aren’t going to promote smokefests, bohemianism — all this stuff they try to pass off as innocuous when it isn’t.

Mujica will visit President Barack Obama on May 12, who has so far tried not to interfere with Uruguay’s nationwide marijuana plans.

Source: Yahoo! News.

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