Brazil Polling: Rousseff Feels the Cold of Poorly Performing Economy

EspañolJust five months before the general elections, support for current President Dilma Rousseff has fallen several percentage points, according to a poll by local firm MDA. Among the main reasons for this change are widespread concern about the state of the economy and a corruption scandal involving the state-run petrochemical company Petrobras.

According to MDA, 37.0 percent of those surveyed said they intend to vote for Rousseff, compared with 43.7 percent in February. On the other hand, her main rival, Aécio Neves of the moderate Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB) — campaigning on fiscal restraint — received 21.6 percent support, rising from 17 percent in February’s poll.

Brazil is currently undergoing its fourth year of weak economic growth under Rousseff’s mandate, who has all but lost investors’ confidence as she has neither been able to prop up the economy nor stop the inflationary spiral while country’s fiscal credibility deteriorates.

Source: Reuters, Infolatam.

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