Honduras: Public Prosecutor Says ZEDEs Are Legal


EspañolThe Public Ministry of Honduras formally issued an opinion supporting the legality of the country’s “model cities.” This decision comes just after the Constitutional Court of the Supreme Court accepted appeals challenging legislation that seeks to reform the Constitution and create the Special Areas of Employment and Economic Development (ZEDE).

The appeals were introduced by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and members of the National Popular Resistance Front, who argue that Congress indirectly approved items that could not be modified in accordance with Article 374 of the Constitution of the Republic. The paragraph stipulates that no changes can be made to articles within the Constitution related to national territory or form of government.

The dispute arose in 2013, after Congress reformed Articles 294, 303, and 329 of the Constitution.

To determine the constitutionality of the appeals, the Constitutional Court asked the public prosecutor for its opinion regarding the validity of the legal claims. After an analysis of the records, the prosecutor advised the court not to grant the appeals, arguing that ZEDEs do not violate the Constitution. The opinion delivered by the public prosecutor is, however, non-binding, and the court will ultimately rule on whether or not to allow the creation of ZEDEs.

Source: El Heraldo.

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