US Man to Spend 18 Months in Jail for Peeing on Alamo Monument


EspañolIn April of 2012, police arrested Daniel Athens (23) for urinating on a front wall of the Alamo, a Texas fort that played an important role in the San Antonio siege and battle (1836).

The man pled guilty in February in a San Antonio court to “felony criminal mischief of a public monument or place of human burial.” On Monday, District Judge Ray Olivarri delivered the maximum sentence allowed for a plea agreement.

Since this sentence is not eligible for parole, Athens will have to spend a full year and a half behind bars. Moreover, he will have to pay a US$4,000 fine to cover for any damages to the Alamo. Urine, allegedly, can deteriorate the limestone found in the building built by Spaniards settlers more than 250 years ago.

The Alamo, a former Spanish mission called San Antonio del Valero, remains one of Texas’s most important historical landmarks and receives more than 2.5 million visitors every year.

Source: NBC News.

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