Ron Paul-Founded Campaign for Liberty Defies IRS over Donor List


EspañolCiting the First Amendment and concerns about privacy, the Ron Paul-affiliated Campaign for Liberty advocacy organization announced last Tuesday that it will refuse to comply with the Internal Revenue Service’s request that they turn in their donors list.

They have already been fined US$12,900 before for failing to meet a previous demand and are unafraid to challenge it again. Megan Stiles, the C4L communications director — a 501(c)(4) nonprofit pro-Constitution organization founded by 12-term US Congressman Ron Paul — sees no legitimate reason for the IRS to know who financially supports the organization.

The organization maintains that while such nonprofits are required by law to hand donor information over to the IRS, it is rarely enforced and not uncommon for groups to resist. Further, Stiles accuses the IRS of singling out Campaign for Liberty in an attempt to intimidate donors that give money to libertarian and constitutionalist causes. The IRS may be required by law to keep the lists they obtain private, but it hasn’t been willing or capable to do so, she claims.

Ron Paul himself has addressed the issue in an e-mail to supporters. The Texas-based former politician and limited-government advocate called the fine “outrageous” and “extortionist,” noting that paying it is seemingly a cheaper solution than fighting the IRS, but backing down could encourage other federal agencies to further target the group.

Source: Washington Examiner.

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