Brazil: April Poll Favors Rousseff’s Reelection


Español A poll published today by Vox Populi/Carta Capital indicates 40 percent support for current president Dilma Rousseff’s reelection campaign, 1 percent less than the previous poll in February.

The opposing Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB) candidate, Aécio Neves, continues in second place with 16 percent. He is followed by the former governor of Pernambuco and President of the Brazilian Socialist Party, Eduardo Campos, who received just 8 percent of the electorate’s support. Compared to voting intentions gauged by the February poll, Aécio’s support numbers worsened by 1 percent, while Campos gained the most ground with a 2 percent increase. Carta Capital polled 2,200 voters in 161 municipalities.

Despite being the clear front-runner, the study also highlights Rousseff’s plummeting approval rating during her first four-year term, falling 20 percent since the start of widespread anti-government demonstrations this past June.

General elections will be held on October 5, 2014. According to Brazilian law, President Rousseff needs an absolute majority to secure reelection in the first round.

Source: Reuters.

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