Panama: Presidential Candidates in Dead Heat Three Weeks Out

EspañolAccording to a poll released on Monday, the candidates for the presidential elections to be held on May 4 in Panama — José Domingo Arias, of the ruling party Democratic Change (CD), and Juan Carlos Navarro, of the socialist Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) — are tied with likely voters.

The poll, conducted by the global market research company Ipsos and the Panamanian Canal 13 TV station, showed that both candidates scored 32 percent of voter preferences in Panama, while current Vice President Juan Carlos Varela scored 26 percent.

Those conducting the survey did so using simulated ballot vote methodology, and they have not disclosed the margin of error.

The representative of Ipsos Panama, Mikaël Pasco, said that although Arias and Navarro are tied at the national level. However, the candidate of the ruling party has “a slight advantage” in the area comprising the provinces of Panama City, Colón, and the Guna Yala region, which concentrates 59 percent of the country’s voters.

Some two million Panamanians are legally able to participate in the election, and the new president will lead the country for five years from July 1. Panama’s electoral system does not allow for runoffs.

Source: Reuters.

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