Venezuela: Journalist Nairobi Pinto Kidnapped by Armed Men

EspañolNairobi Pinto, a journalist and the chief of correspondents for the Globovisión TV news network, was kidnapped yesterday afternoon in Caracas by two hooded gunmen as she left her home with her family. Her father, journalist Luis Pinto, gave the details of the incident for the press.

Globovisión stated on its website that the kidnapping occurred at around 4:30 pm and that the criminals forced her into a car upon intercepting her.

“I just pray for God to intervene and allow my daughter to come back safely,” said Pinto.

The TV station added: “[we call] for responsibility in the use of social networks to avoid interfering with the work of the authorities, and endangering the life of our colleague.”

While Pinto’s father expressed confidence in the work being carried out by the police, he asked the kidnappers to have a minimum of common sense and sensibility, and bring his daughter back to him. So far, police authorities have not made any official statement on the case.

Sources: La Nación and Globovisión.

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