Canada: McDonald’s Franchises Under Investigation for Preferring Foreign Workers

A McDonald’s restaurant in Victoria, British Columbia, is under investigation for favoring foreign workers over Canadians, both in pay and in hours. This investigation is regarding the Temporary Foreign Workers program, to ensure that Canadian workers are “first in line” for available jobs.

As of April 6 — and despite no conviction — three McDonald’s franchises are now on the list of employers that have broken rules or been suspended from the program. Minister of Employment and Social Development Jason Kenney assured people on Sunday that work permits and Labour Market Opinions (essentially, a document needed to hire a foreign worker) have been suspended while the investigation is pending.

According to a manager at a Victoria location, the Filipino employees work harder and don’t show up late. That means, however, the Filipino workers are given full-time shifts, while Canadian workers have had their hours cut.

Concerning the alleged unequal pay: the “food service supervisor” position, paying CAN$12.36 per hour, gives foreign workers a “better shot” at achieving permanent residency than a position like the “food counter attendant,” which pays CAN$10.65 per hour. Records indicate that Filipino workers earn, on average, about 20 percent more than Canadian workers.

McDonald’s Canada said that it employs about 3,400 temporary foreign workers out of its 85,000-member workforce. The company will hold its annual hiring day on April 10, with a goal of finding 6,100 local recruits. It has also announced intention to cut ties with the Victoria franchise.

Source: CBC News.

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